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Home Based Business

Ah, the great dream of running your very own home based business. Finally, a chance to break free from the "I have to go to work," and move into the "I want to and can't wait to!" 

These days this dream is becoming more and more of a reality for a lot of people. Why not right? Making money with the Internet is possible more than ever and even to compete with some of the biggest conglomerate companies and so called marketing gurus out there. It's anyone's game!

Now, please don't confuse owning and operating a home based business with some of those infomercials you see on T.V. all the time where the husband and wife are just sitting around drinking wine in front of the fire place. No! Running a home based business is a lot of work. Possibly more work than the regular 9-5 job that you might be struggling to break free from. Sorry if that is hard news to handle...

However, when you do finally get things going, the rewards 
can be every thing and more than you ever imagined.

So what should you do? 

Do you want to take orders some how, for some product and then handle all the shipping?

Maybe you can find a product with a good reliable drop shipper that can handle the shipping for you. How will you get the orders in the first place? 

How about Clickbank products? Pretty easy to grab some good looking affiliate page, and try your hand at selling their products, with their site that credits all the sales to you for a commission right?... Well, if you are going to do that, you better be ready with a huge mailing list to send your Clickbank offers out to. 

It takes a whole lot of $19 commissions to add up to much these days, and the only marketers making good profits with Clickbank products are the ones that already have 20,000 plus contacts on an e-mail list to bombard, or more!

Now, don't get too discouraged. The Internet can provide that perfect combination of products and pay that you could possibly run from your home, or wherever I guess, with the right guidance and learning environment in place as well.

"O.K., so that sounds great but what product, and what program?" 

Man... there's a lot of questions to be answered before you can even begin. I can tell you from my experience that it certainly did not happen over night. But I will say that it has happened, and is continuing to happen for myself and also for many of the people that I now associate with on a daily basis.

I won't get in to a big "sales push" for what I recommend in this article, but I do want you to understand my simple formula for choosing any winning business online. Whatever kind of a business plan you have to get started with, be sure all the fundamentals of a successful home Internet biz are in place.

Here is what I see as being the most basic and manditory fundamental items for any online business to thrive:

#1 You need to have the ability to customize your affiliate website, giving you the chance to introduce who you are from the very first page. How about a short video that just says "Hi, my name is Bill and I just wanted to take a few seconds to introduce myself..."

(Many people want to skip this step because it means doing something they are not comfortable with, huge mistake.)

#2 There must be a killer follow up system in place. The sale is almost always made with a consistent and automated follow up in place, this is true in both online and offline sales.

In other words, a "lead capture page" with a good sized series of pre-written emails that go out to your new prospects every couple days on your behalf. Each follow up e-mail containing that ever important link, back to your offer. 

(If you check out our "Top Business Pick by Clicking Here, you'll see exactly what I mean. A "lead capture page," capturing your name and email so I can send you some follow-up emails, simple.)

#3 You might possibly want a sales process that will provide you with a good line up of different price pointed income streams, all fed out for you, to your prospects automatically. 

You will want there to be some low end items, some middle of the road, and some higher end, what I call "real world commission" products. You know, the kind of commissions that could actually make a difference in your life, above $20 bucks for selling some crappy e-book.

#4 and Final (In my opinion only of course) You will need support on multiple levels. I am first speaking of support from those that you care most about. Even if you have let's just say not the best track record with your loved ones, when it comes to trying to make money,  do your very best to get them involved! 

When you are truly ready to make a change, let them know that you are not just trying another something, but this time, you are committing to make it happen, and you need them to be a part of it it some way. 

The other support I consider to be a must, is the support of the companies you are going to be representing. Is there phone support? Do you have multiple and reliable contacts within these companies? Very important.

Be smart, do your research on whatever you plan to get involved with, and make sure a good amount of others are seeing regular and consistent success. If they are able to do it, then you can too.

If it is truly your dream to have your very own home based business either part time or full time you can at the very least draw some comfort from the fact that it is more possible now than ever. 

With all the online training and curriculum available, you have a pretty good shot at learning the ropes, and eventually finding your self a good place to settle into. You can do it, and not everything out there is a scam so keep up the fight, keep your head up high and no matter what, never give up!

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