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Global Domains International

Current date is October 23, 2013. Our Earnings With Global Domains International Has Reached $2,155 Per Month and Growing Very Fast. In a short time this business has taken off! Free 7 day trial, free website, do not wait.

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Global Domains International has one of the best automated audio/video selling systems you will ever find. I believe I ran into GDI myself for the first time while simply browsing articles or something like that. I was instantly taken in. That is what you want in a sales page my friend!

I learned that Global Domains International was founded by Michael Reed and Allan Ezier in 1999. Global Domains International uses an MLM or network marketing format to allow anyone to build the business quickly. The commission structure is like most MLM or network marketing companies, but with a much better bonus pay out than I have seen.

My Downline Built This Business. Check out my Income Snapshot from inside the Global Domains member's area under the commissions tab. 

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That bottom right number says $32,744.56 in case it's hard to see. $32,744.56 and I only promoted the business myself for the first three months. Remember, you make money of your team's sales. Guess what, It's time for me to get back to work cause this thing is a life saver!

Global Domains International (GDI) is a domain name registrar, similar to GoDaddy. I also tested GoDaddy's affiliate program, however it was a joke. They pay you one time, on one level only, even though they continue to earn monthly hosting fees and annual renewals.

GDI owns their own domain name extension which is .WS 
A Domain name is what you need to get first to start a website. For instance my site domain name is "". My site however has a ".com" at the end.

You DO NOT need to build a website with your GDI account to start this business. Your account will come with multiple ready to go website pages to share with others. Encourage those people to do the same and this thing will explode!

Internet experts generally agree a ".com" is more expected by the average Internet consumer for Internet businesses, and it tends to give a more "business like" presentation, for now, but that is changing as the Internet ages. GDI does sell .coms and every other extension there is as well, not just the .ws 

The cost to get involved is for your domain name address, just $10 bucks per month for a hosting package, pretty standard costs. This includes a very easy to use website building wizard or tool that will allow you to have a site up for personal use or business in minutes, if you choose to do so. 

With GDI you also have the option to add "Premium Hosting" to your package. Premium gives more storage space, (for a bigger website) more email accounts and the best part... HIGHER COMMISSIONS. If you're going to start following in our foot-steps with Global Domains International, you will want to be a Premium member if possible.

If you like the idea of Global Domains International, it has potential to generate a real nice residual income but if you are looking for larger profits in less time, you may want to look for a higher ticket item to sell. Just remember the bigger the ticket you are selling the more selling you will have to do! 

By the way, we are looking forward to retiring on the income Global Domains International will provide in the very near future. Click on the link below or click on the Contact Us tab on this page to reach out for more details or click here now to take advantage of a totally free, 7 day trial into GDI.

Click Here to have a look at our favorite home business. Have a look but as always, please make your own choices.

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